IIT Bombay is currently the highest rated among all the twenty three Indian Institutes of Technology. Given that IITB was rated fourth or fifth as recently as the late nineties, the rapid ascension of IITB among the IITs is a cause of pride and delight for all IITB alumni. For over five years now, majority of the top 100 ranks in JEE have selected IITB over all other IITs. Like all IIT Alumni, IIT Bombay Alumni are manifestly relevant to meeting national goals such as (digital) empowerment, (social) inclusion and (entrepreneurship led) employment generation. The IIT Alumni Council provides IIT Bombay Alumni with the necessary linkages with policy makers and economic leaders in New Delhi and other capitals of Indian states to help them contribute to the evolution of India as a leading soft superpower of the world without sacrificing the cardinal principles of sustainable growth, democratic governance, secularism and equality.

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