The main objects of the IIT Alumni Council are: To act as the nodal global alumni body for alumni of all the Indian Institutes of Technology. To promote participation of IIT Alumni in nation building activities. To promote the IIT Brand in global market and to enhance the reputation of IIT Alumni in global market. To represent IIT Alumni in various trade and industry association. In order to promote the participation of Alumni of all the IITs in nation building activities, the IIT Alumni Council catalyses the creation of various Alumni initiatives. Initiatives that work and involve the direct participation of the Institutes are branded as "IIT" whereas those that work independent of the institute and are primarily alumni led activities are branded as "PanIIT". A key IIT initiative promoted by the Alumni Council is the IIT Endowment Fund. This is an alumni funded vehicle focused on improving the calibre of students entering and graduating from the IITs so as to positively impact the calibre and success rate of future alumni. This initiative is based on inputs from the branding council that suggested that unless the quality of the IIT engineer is improved in terms of language and soft skills - they may not be able to outpace alumni of competing universities from the developed countries and the emerging competition from the Chinese C9 universities. There are several PanIIT initiatives that aspire to further the stated objectives of the IIT Alumni Council. For example, a major combined initiative of the PanIIT entities is the revitalisation of the technopreneurship ecosystem to make a prime driver of economic growth and employment in India. In addition, the Alumni Council hosts working and study groups in areas such as health tech, build tech, food tech, data, digital transformation and fintech. The IIT Alumni Council is a key proponent of the institutionalised, promoterless, professionally managed, stock market listed, Board run company format at the seed or startup stage itself and has been working with various stakeholders to enable the creation of an appropriate ecosystem for the same.

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